Accounting and Financial Expertise For Your Real Estate Business

Real Estate Development Tax and Accounting Services

The services CPABA provides to development teams exceed the traditional accounting and tax services. We desire to become an integral part of your team by supporting your principals, partners, managers, vendors, etc. at all stages of development from opportunity to asset management and/or disposition. You will have this support in the day-to-day of the development entity as well as management, investor, and project entities. Key compliance items will be tracked, monitored, and timely fulfilled; examples include federal/state/local filings, lender reporting, operating agreement requirements, investors, expiration/renewal dates, etc. Master debt & insurance schedules are maintained. Operations and project budget development, version control, maintenance, and reporting. Forward cash needs and projections. Bid requests, contracts, pcco, add services, lien waiver & COI tracking and management. Ensure pay apps and billings are in accordance with the contract and accurately documented. Complete draw services. Coordinate with legal, lenders, inspector, capital market, investor relations, project managers, owner reps, tax professionals, auditors, cost seg studies, and asset managers. Opportunity zone testing and working capital safe harbor plans. Consolidated reporting across all assets, projects, and opportunities.

CPABA pricing can be hourly, fixed fee or a combination thereof. Hourly pricing is commonly used in tax authority representation, reorganization of an entity, and the like. Some clients prefer hourly pricing for all work. We prefer fixed fee agreements to eliminate billing surprises and set expectations.

The software stack used includes:

  • QuickBooks Online - $90/mo per entity

  • Rewind - $14/mo per entity

  • Hubdoc - $20/mo per entity

  • Northspyre – tiered fees per project (based upon construction budget):

  • Early stage $425/mo

  • $625/mo when cost incurred exceed $100K (up to 100MM construction budget)

  • $875/mo when cost incurred exceed $100K (100MM to 149MM construction budget)

  • $1,000/mo when cost incurred exceed $100K (150MM to 199MM construction budget)

  • $1,250/mo for construction budget $200MM to $249MM

  • +$125/mo in 50MM increments of construction budget.

Once the project is complete, the monthly fee is $0 and the project history remains available to you for benchmarking.

Our bank of choice for technology, pricing, and customer service is Chase. That said, we acknowledge that lenders may require accounts also be maintained with their institution.